Success Stories

Do you work in the education system? Hear our success stories!

“The app really helped my students a lot. It helped them study for the test, they received guidance from a tutor, helped each other and enjoyed learning together in an organized way. Class.Me helped with everything we needed. Well done!”

Limor, High School Math Teacher

“I don’t understand how we didn’t use this in class earlier. We were able to communicate with our teacher from class and the Class.Me tutor and finally people in the group got answers to their questions.”


“My students learn complicated material and weren’t sure they could learn through the platform. They discovered that not only did the Class.Me tutor help them, but that they could help each other. The teacher in their group was professional, devoted to helping them succeed and didn’t go to sleep until all their questions were answered.”

Gila, AP Math Teacher

“I had a really hard test coming up and I wasn’t completely ready. I tried asking some friends for help, but they either didn’t answer or would just end up joking around. When I opened Class.Me, the tutor really helped me! Thanks!”