Where can I download the App?

The app is available in the App Store or on Google Play.

How do I create a New Class?

Simple and easy, just click "Add new class" at the top of the home page. Write your choice of a class name and add a photo. That's it. Welcome to your class!

How do I invite classmates in to my class?

If you've just opened the class, the "Invite classmates"/ "Invite class members" option opens automatically.
Pressing the key will allow you to send a link to a friend via WhatsApp/SMS/Email/Facebook/Messenger etc.
In addition, you can see your classmates in the "class members" area.

I'v Entered a class. What is the next step? How can I create/upload a new question?

Click the "Create a new question" key. Write a question and/or upload a picture of the question (you can either use your camera or your cellphone's gallery).
Click "Submit" ... YAY! you have just uploaded your first question!
PS: you can upload as many questions as you like, each question will be uploaded separately and will receive its own response/comments.

How can I view comments to questions?

In order to read the discussion about each question, tap on the question and then slide the question upward on your screen, so-called "swipe up". Of course, you can add comments on the "Reply" line.

Can I ask a question or add an anonymous response?

Yes! We've upgraded our version and added an 'Anonymous' option. On the left side of the screen you can see a picture of a "detective", click on it. Your comment will be displayed anonymously. Only the teacher will be able to see your name.

Can I turn off the notifications?

The app notifications are designed to let you know that there is a new comment or question in your class. If you wish to turn off the notifications, you can do so in your mobile settings: Application Settings - Class.Me - Shutdown notifications.

Can I see questions that were asked in the past?

Of course! Clicking the "See More" key will allow you to see all the questions that were asked in the class from the day since the class was created.