Terms of Use

Welcome to the Class Me application (hereinafter: the “Application”), an application developed by Class Me Ltd. (hereinafter: the “Company” or “We”).

The Application is a mobile platform that enables real-time communication, learning and information sharing between teachers, students and parents regarding their classroom. The Application implements a unique technology developed in order to enable communication between these different elements, allow tasks to be set-up and completed efficiently by creating a safe space for students to ask questions and receive answers by using different tools, such as providing links to teachers / private tutors, creating user groups to distribute information, creating Q&A forums, connecting to exam databases and so forth.

The following terms apply to any user who uses the Application, whether using the free or the paid versions.

Use of the above detailed system and services or any other of our services or content offered via the Application or by the Company (hereinafter: the“Services” ), is subject to the following terms of use and privacy policy and the document summarizing the important rules of use (hereinafter: “Terms of Use”). The object of the Terms of Use is to regulate the relationship between the Company and any on its behalf, and between any person using the Application and/or the Services (hereinafter: “User” or “You”). Please review these terms closely and carefully. These Terms of Use are written in the masculine form for convenience purposes only, however it is addressed to both men and women equally.

The Application and/or Services are intended for Users over the age of 13 only! If You are under the age of 13, You may not use the Application and/or Services. The Company will cancel any account and/or delete any information related to the accounts of Users under the age of 13. In agreeing to the Terms of Use, You are declaring that You are over the age of 13, and that You may use the system according to its Terms of Use. In order to use the Application and/or Services, You are required to confirm that You have read, understood and agreed to the Terms of Use.

Please note, if You do not agree to the Terms of Use, in whole or in part, You may not make any use of the Application or Services for any purpose.