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Class.Me created a set of tools and comprehensive services designed specifically for students, teachers and schools. Everyone in the educational system, starting from the school administrators down to the very last student, receives exactly what they require to succeed and together - we make the classroom better

Class.Me Learning Center

The 3 Tools of Real Social Learning

Private Communication Network


Class.Me is a private communication network that can be personally customized to the needs of each school and its size. Our unique communication system can be grouped by class, age and by each school in your network if needed. By separating them into groups, students can discuss the topics from their specific class, sharing assignments and challenges they have in order to create a better learning experience. Bring the school into Class.Me, the private communication network of the new era - the era of social learning.

Virtual Teacher


A survey conducted in Israel by a consulting company in May 2018 determined that two-thirds of the students surveyed were helped by private tutors. The survey showed that Israeli students need extra help in school more than ever and that is exactly where we come in to help: The learning center and Class.Me tutors grant students access to educational support in every subject. Studying is done through an easy-to-use chat system with tutors available 24/7 and most importantly - students will see results! Forget about investing hundreds of dollars in private tutors, forget about running over to the other side of town - Class.Me makes support for students available wherever and whenever they need it!

Student Insights


As faculty, we always want the best for our students and see their success as our own, but in order for that to happen we have to know the class fabric and be able to determine where each student needs assistance. Digital communication allows us to give the option to more precisely dissect where students have their strengths and weaknesses.

There are so many other reasons to choose Class.Me


Organized Class Chats for Each Student

Shared exercises in Class.Me classrooms are organized by subject, allowing students to concentrate on a specific subject in each chat, to easily find answers to their questions and to help them stop wasting time trying to understand “what everyone is talking about.”


No Student Left Behind

The ability to find information and help when you need it, allowing students to respond more easily to their friends when they need help, thus turning our vision of group learning into a reality that improves the grades of all students.


A Safer Learning Environment

Class.Me gives teachers constant supervision over the virtual classroom, creating a safe learning environment free from bullying.


A Place for Everyone

The switch from the physical to the virtual world also gives introverted and shy students the chance to express themselves and take part in the group learning and shared activities.


Respecting the Teacher’s Time

With Class.Me, the teacher is in control at any given moment and can decide when they want to respond to their students and when they prefer not to. The app provides total separation between the teacher’s private and work life.


Get to Know Your Class Better

With the help of our designated teach dashboard, you can track how the class is doing, check students’ strengths and weaknesses, how quickly they advance and measure how much they share.


It’s More Fun to Study With Class.Me

Being able to chat immediately, directly from your smartphone, has turned learning into a simpler day-to-day experience for students. Classmates can meet up again after school in a different, enjoyable environment.

So How Does It Work?

A Chat App for the Classroom

A mobile platform for social-learning communication

Teacher-Student Correspondence

Virtual Class.Me tutors gives professional educators pedagogical assistance and support to students in real time.


The Class.Me dashboard will give you access to insights with all the information and exact statistics you need to know about your students.