What Is Class.Me?

Class.Me is a mobile app that enables real-time social communication, learning and sharing with students in the same class. This includes all classroom learning - from homework assignment sharing and preparation to studying for tests and even consulting with their teacher. Class.Me helps them organize their assignments and prepare for them in a timely manner. The app encourages children to complete assignments by giving them a safe place to ask and answer questions.





All assignments and test dates organized in one place and prioritized by due date, with notifications of important deadlines.

Chat Per Exercise

Each exercise has its own dedicated section, organized by page and number, allowing students to see what was already asked and answered.


Help is a click away

No student left behind - they can get assistance from peers or their teacher - saving money on tutors and their parent’s time and sanity.


Be Heard

Students who are the wall flowers in class feel more comfortable chatting and this increases their bond with the class.


Searchable Content

All assignments and discussions are automatically archived, allowing students to search for older materials to help them study for finals.



Friendly competitions and leader board - making it feel more social and like the classroom.


Class.Me makes the Class Better!

Class.Me bonds classmates through a shared learning experience. Class.Me enables students to offer each other support that deepens the educational connection and friendship between them, both online and offline. With Class.Me students actually get together and study!

What Students Are Saying about Class.Me


“The app pushes me to do homework and moves the class together in the right direction”

Guy, 10th Grade


“I’ve never could keep track of what the homework was for tomorrow - now I can find out easily ”

Daniella, 11th Grade


“Having the teacher is a good influence!”

Yonatan, 7th Grade


“finally there’s a place that has order inside of the chaos and gives us the option to ask about things I wasn’t sure of…”

Maya, 8th Grade


“The app is good especially for students like me that don’t like speaking up in class”

Noa, 9th Grade